Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Breaching the Gap

One of the best new titles to come out of DC Comics this year is Breach. It could be described as a imaginative reinvention of Captain Atom, but subbing out Nuclear Fusion for Interdimensional breaches (hence the name). Every month the quality of story and art in this book is just superb. If that weren't enough incentive to buy this title, it has ties to Countdown and Infinite Crisis. Breach may have a big role to play in that event, but let's just hope for the right side. This months issue guest starring the JLA is getting a lot of attention.

THE PULSE recently interviewed Breach scribe Bob Harras (includes preview images of #4) - http://www.comicon.com/pulse/

Buzzscope also has the first four pages of #4 up - http://www.buzzscope.com/previewer.php?id=4046&p=1

Between these two links you should get a really nice feel for the issue and the series.


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