Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Interesting Reads - Rucka, Veitch, and Smith

Today I came across three articles on the net that are very interesting.

The first is Greg Rucka discussing the Omac Project (coming out tommorow) and Gotham Central. He's the writer on both of them and just the way he is talking about them, we are in for a wild ride.


The second one is an interview with Rick Veitch and Tommy Lee Edwards, the creative team behind the Question. They discuss the character as well as the Superstorm event that this was supposed to be apart of. Which could be an interesting topic in itself..


Last, but not least is Beau Smith's editorial column, Busted Knuckles that is just a great read every week. This week he sports his best editorial yet in regards to the comic book industry. He shares his ideas and theories about indy comic publishers taking on Marvel and DC. He also looks back on past indy publishers who could have given Marvel and DC a run for their money, but didn't.



The Pittsburgh Comicon is coming up this weekend. I plan on attending and hopefully making it to a panel or two, but we'll see.


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