Monday, April 18, 2005

Modern Classics - Hellboy: The Corpse

Hellboy: The Corpse
March 2004

Story/Art: Mike Mignola
Colorist: Mathew Hollingsworth
Cover Colors: Dave Stewart
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Editor: Scott Allie

Background –

Originally published in Advanced Comics 75-82, this is perhaps the finest work of short fiction in comics. Mignola is one of the very few creators out there (at least in America) who can write as well as he illustrates. This short story takes place in Ireland, 1959. Hellboy is sent there to investigate the kidnapping of a baby from a group of farmers. He quickly figures out what is really going on and needless to say he has an interesting night ahead of him.

Review –

The artwork in the Corpse is amazing. Mignola was still relatively new to the industry when producing this, so it was obvious that he had a bright future ahead of him. His artwork is very unique and he is a great storyteller. Not a panel is wasted; each one could be framed and hung on your wall proudly. An interesting rumor has is that Mignola can draw Hellboy sketches at cons without even looking at the page.

The story itself is a must for any fans of fantasy, especially those interesting in Celtic mythology and folklore. The story has everything, surprises, fights, humor, magic, you name it.

The best part? It’s only a quarter. Dark Horse released this to coincide with the release of the Hellboy movie. My LCS still had a lot of copies left, so if this review interests you be sure to seek it out at yours. For anyone who remotely thought the Hellboy movie was interesting, than you have my assurance that the comics are infinitely better. This is a great way to get a feel for the Hellboy comics as well. Trust me this is one of the best single issues I’ve ever read and the best part is that it’s only a quarter.


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