Monday, May 23, 2005

DC Picks for June

It’s a great time to jump in on these ongoing titles. I highly recommend everyone looking for a good story or storyline to give these a chance. With all the Infinite Crisis mini’s and tie-ins going on, some great tales might be overlooked.

Superman/Batman #20

From DC

Written by Jeph Loeb; Art and cover by Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines

The original superstar team of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness return for what's sure to be the most talked-about story of the year! This issue kicks off the stunning 6-part "With a Vengeance," as Superman and Batman confront The Maximums!

Can the World's Finest pair take on a squad of revenge-seeking Super-Heroes who are on the hunt for the murderer of one of their teammates? Things are sure to heat up fast, because the two people at the top of their suspect list are Batman and Superman!

DC Universe 32pg. Color $2.99 US

This issue begins Jeph Loeb’s final arc on this title. Joining him is past collaborators Ed McGuiness and Dexter Vines who have been tearing it up lately with work on DC Comics Presents: The Flash and JLA: Classified.

In my opinion when it comes down to big, fun super hero action you can go wrong with Loeb, McGuiness and Vines. Their first run on this book was great and it’s going to be fun to see Superman and Batman take on the Maximums.

This storylines roots lay in good intercompany pot shots. Marvel has been imitating the DC Universe a lot lately to say the least.

JMS’s Supreme Power takes a look at JLA analogues from a different angle.

The Sentry (Marvel’s version of Superman) has been appearing in the New Avengers (AKA Marvel’s answer to the JLA).

What really got the ball rolling on this though was Brian Bendis having the Green Goblin kill a Lois Lane analogue in the Pulse. The name of the reporter was Teri Kidder (Terri Hatcher and Margaret Kidder both played Lois Lane) and she was told she wouldn’t make it for a real paper in a real city or something to that effect.

So Jeph Loeb decided to write this story with Superman and Batman fight analogues of the Ultimates. It fits in with the overall theme of this book though with Superman and Batman fighting everyone else.

In the first story arc they fought just about ever super villain Ed McGuiness and Dexter Vines could draw, along with some allies who were recruited to bring them in.

In the Supergirl storyline they fought Doomsday’s, Apokolips warriors and DarkSeid.

In Absolute Power they fought through a variety of alternate worlds. They had to take on Wonder Woman, Uncle Sam, the Human Bomb and many other heroes.

If you want to pick up one Superman/Batman arc I would highly recommend this. The buzz on it is very good and this is a creative team I have never been disappointed with. Even with Loeb after his stint on Batman: HUSH.

JLA #115

From DC

Written by Geoff Johns and Allan Heinberg; Art by Chris Batista and Mark Farmer; Cover by Rags Morales and Farmer

A star-studded creative team starts a 5-issue tale that has the JLA confronting the fallout from IDENTITY CRISIS! Fan-favorite writer Geoff Johns (JSA, TEEN TITANS, THE FLASH) is joined by The O.C. writer/producer Allan Heinberg (Young Avengers) for the first installment of this gripping adventure featuring visuals by Chris Batista (LEGION) and Mark Farmer (JLA: THE NAIL) and a cover by IDENTITY CRISIS artist Rags Morales and Farmer!

Before they can discuss the actions and repercussions of the League within the League, the JLA first must battle some old foes. The Secret Society of Super Villains has returned — and somehow they have more information on the heroes' lives than ever before!

DC Universe 32pg. Color $2.25 US

For everyone out there who is wondering when Batman is going to make his move against the JLA members who wiped his mind here is your answer.

It is being penned by Geoff Johns who should be a familiar name for those who read DC Comics on a consistent basis. His co-author is Allan Heinberg who is also writing Young Avengers over at Marvel Comics, and is doing a great job on it. I have to confess that I’m not familiar with the art team, but from the pages I have seen I don’t have any complaints.

This is a highly anticipated storyline and the fact that it is taking place in the once flagship title for the DC Universe indicates that major changes are about to happen in the DCU.

Gotham Central #32

From DC

Written by Written by Greg Rucka; Art by Steve Lieber; Cover by Chris Brunner

Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber , the team that brought you the critically acclaimed comic, WHITEOUT , reunite for a turn on the mean streets of Gotham City.

For nearly three years, Gotham Central has told the p.o.v. story of living in Gotham from a detective's perspective. Now the focus shifts for an issue as a corrupt Gotham cop takes center stage. But when his illicit activities gain the attention of Gotham's crime lord, the Black Mask, this dirty cop finds he's in way over his head.

Batman 32pg. Color $2.50 US

This is kind of odd because #32 was said to be the start of Ed Brubaker’s and Greg Rucka’s final collaboration on this book. It is also supposed to be the debut of KANO who will be taking over penciling duties. I am guessing things are running a bit late on that and they had this issue ready to go in case of deadline problems. I can’t even find an image of the cover, so that might be able to tell you how last minute this is.

It sounds pretty interesting, I’m not familiar with Steve Lieber’s artwork, but I have heard great things about Whiteout.

I’m looking forward to seeing a Gotham cop in this book that isn’t quite as clean as the rest of them that we’ve seen.

If you have always wanted to try out Gotham Central, now is the time.

The Legion of Super-Heroes #7

From DC

Written by Mark Waid; Art by Barry Kitson and Art Thibert; Cover by Kitson

The Legion is one big happy team, right? Guess again! As divisions begin to take root over who's really in charge, the team learns another chilling secret about the United Planets — a secret that may remove a key Legionnaire from the playing field!

DC Universe 40pg. Color $2.99 US

Every month this book is just a real treat to read. It is structured so that a new reader can jump in at pretty much at anytime and enjoy the book.

In this issue it seems that the conflict within the Legion is coming to a head, something that has been brewing since the first issue.

The artwork on this book by Kitson and Thibert is great and Waid is always good for a great story.

Robin #139

From DC

Written by Bill Willingham; Art and cover by Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens

Hot off the stellar "Nightwing: Year One," artists Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens begin a run as the new art team of ROBIN! Yet another assassin has come to Blüdhaven answering the call of the Penguin. His name is The Catcher, and he's got orders to take out the Boy Wonder with his army of canine killers! Meanwhile, an old face visits the abandoned Louis E. Grieve Memorial High School — a terrifying old face!

Batman 32pg. Color $2.25 US

This is a new art team that basically everyone has been looking forward to. The work of Damion Scott on this title was very ill received to say the least, even when Sandra Hope put her finishes over the pencils. Since his departure we have been treated to a book that lacks consistency.

McDaniel and Owens are known for their work on Batman, Nightwing, Richard Dragon and now Robin. They are very action oriented artists and with the debut of this new character called the Veteran, I’m sure they will be able to flex their muscles.

Throughout the mess of art on this title, the story has always stayed consistently intriguing. Even the shitty crossover that was Wargames was brightened up by the Robin issues. So I have no doubt that Willingham will continue this quality indefinitely.

Solo #5

From DC

Written by Darwyn Cooke; Art and cover by Cooke

Fan-favorite writer/artist Darwyn Cooke (DC: THE NEW FRONTIER, CATWOMAN) takes the reins in SOLO #5, telling a series of enthralling stories in his unique style! Saddle up to the bar and grab a stool next to Slam Bradley, as the down-on-his-luck P.I. guides you through some of the craziest tales he's ever heard. Thrill to the adventures of King Faraday in Cuba, dig the Question's Middle Eastern math lesson, and attempt to understand a geek's growing passion for his vacuum cleaner. And Slam's stories end with a bang, as he spins a revenge yarn featuring Batman!

DC Universe 48pg. Color $4.99 US

This is the issue that fans have been waiting for ever since the Solo series was announced. One of the most critically acclaimed creators in comics steps up to the plate and he’s sure to deliver some great stories.

I really enjoyed his work on DC Comics Presents: Superman, Green Lantern Secret Files 2005 and of course DC: The New Frontier.

As far as picks go, this has to be the pick of the month when it comes to DC Comics. Sure all the Infinite Crisis stuff and headliners like Superman/Batman and Green Lantern will sell well, but the quality over quantity rule will definitely apply to this issue.

Snatch this up at your comic shop quick. If they are anything like mine, orders on the Solo issues are quite small.

I really hope you give all of these books a look when you travel to the comic shop this June. These personal favorites of mine from month to month and now is a great time to jump in.


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