Friday, May 13, 2005

Indy Comic Week - Invincible

A few years back Image launched a new super hero line of books that featured Firebreather (Phil Hester/Andy Kuhn), Venture (Jay Faerber/Jamal Igle), Dominion (Keith Giffen), Clockmaker (Jim Krueger/Matt Smith) and of course Invincible (Robert Kirkman/Corey Walker).

Invincible is the only title that has survived out of the initial line. Firebreather is now done in specials and is part of the new super hero team the Pact (along with Invincible). Venture now guest stars in Jay Faerber’s other title, Noble Causes. I’m not sure what Dominon and Clockmaker are up to though.

Not only is Invincible quality reading, but it is steadily a gaining a fan-base. That is something special when it comes to indy books, especially a title that has hit more than twelve issues.

Invincible is about a high school senior named Mark Grayson whose dad is a superhero named Omni-Man. Omni-Man is pretty much the Superman of the Image Universe. He spends his days saving people and protecting the planet like every good super hero does.

Mark doesn’t know if he’ll have powers or not, being that his mom is a normal human. When his powers finally surface his life takes an interesting sequence of twists and turns that will change him forever.

I could tell you about the different twists in this comic, but that would flat out ruin it for you. Kirkman has crafted one of the freshest superheroes on the stands today. The big twist in the series is especially good and pulled off very nicely.

The artwork on this book is done by two true “Young Guns”. Corey Walker started off the series as the artist, and then starting with #8 Ryan Ottley took over. He has been doing the book ever since.

If you are a fan of Superman and Superboy and were always curious what it would be like if Superman and Lois had a son then I think you should check this title out. It is also for super-hero fans in general who like to see a fresh take on the genre.

So what are you options for catching up with this bad boy?

The most inexpensive way is to pick up the fifty cent #0 issue in stores now. It picks up after the evens of the latest issue and informs you of the storyline so far.

However, I would highly recommend getting the upcoming hardcover that collects #1-13 as well as a bunch of bonus stuff put out. For only $34.95 you really can’t go wrong with it. Then after that I suggest you try tracking down #14+ in either trades or single issues.

The book is worth it trust me.

On a side note finals week has really occupied my time. I can’t believe I decided to do Indy Week at the same time lol. So that’s why my reviews aren’t up yet. I plan on getting three reviews up tonight and the rest by tomorrow night.


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