Thursday, May 05, 2005

Review - Green Arrow: Archers Quest

Green Arrow: Archers Quest

Brad Meltzer, Phil Hester and Ande Parks

Before best selling novelist Brad Meltzer set the comic book world on fire with “Identity Crisis”, he planted the seeds that would change the DCU forever in Green Arrow: Archers Quest.

Following Kevin Smith’s run was no easy task, yet Meltzer succeeds in telling a very emotional story that hits home. To tell you the truth you don’t have to know squat about Green Arrow to read this collection. It’s all explained to you as the story goes along and you get to know the cast and history of the book.

Phil Hester and Ande Parks really had a nice run on this book. In my opinion this is their finest work on the series and that is really saying something. Their abilities as storytellers are really pushed the limit and they succeed on every level.

Another reason to pick this up is because it has ties to Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis. This really got the ball rolling on the changes throughout the DCU. The seeds of Identity Crisis were planted here with all of the super hero funeral talk. Catman, a major play in Villains United also makes an appearance.

The premise of this storyline is that Green Arrow, Oliver Queen wants to track down his most personal possessions he left behind. He has recently returned from the dead and left specific instructions on destroying certain things. A handful of them were not destroyed due to laziness and difficulty so he makes it his quest to find and recover them. Joining him is his former sidekick Speedy, now known as Arsenal.

We go down memory lane with the duo from Green Arrow/Green Lantern, Justice League of America, Crisis, Emerald Dawn, etc. Guest stars that pop up include Superman and the Flash. The rest of the supporting cast is also shown albeit briefly such as Mia, Black Canary and Connor Hawke.

If you finished reading Green Arrow: Quiver by Kevin Smith and want more Ollie this is the book for you. Judging by the page I scanned below there is no doubt in my mind that Meltzer already had the Identity Crisis storyline in his head while writing this. Highly recommend to everyone, especially those who want to get stuff related to Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis.

Rating –

Art – 4.5
Storyline - 5

Overall – 4.5/5


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