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Comic Reviews - June 02, 2005 Part III

Batman Villains Secret Files & Origins 2005

“Stranger In Paradise”
Penciller: Eddy Barrows
Inker: Jay Leisten
Writer: Bruce Jones
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Letterer: Nick J. Napolitano
Editor: Bob Schreck

“If A Man Be Clay!”
Penciller: Mike Mignola
Inker: Kevin Nowlan
Writer: Steve Purcell
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Letterer: John Workman
Editor: Bob Schreck

Batman created by Bob Kane.
Cover Art by Al Barrionuevo and Bit. Colored by Guy Major.

Profile Pages written by Andersen Gabrych

Profile Pages –

Black Mask – Al Barrionuevo, Brit and Brad Anderson

Killer Croc – Ramon Bachs and Jason Wright

Penguin – Cliff Chiang

HUSH – Al Barrionuevo, Bit and Brad Anderson

Red Hood – Brad Walker, Jimmy Palmiotti and Lee Loughridge

Mr. Freeze – David Lopez and Giulia Brusco

Man-Bat – Mike Huddleston and Lee Loughridge

Daughters of the Demon – Marcos Martin

Scarecrow – Sean Murphy and Lee Loughridge

Summary – A nice compilation spotlighting Batman’s current rogues gallery. As a bonus feature we get a lost Mike Mignola, Pre-Crisis Clayface vs. Batman and Robin strip.


The Good –

The opening strip really catches new readers up with the situation in the Batman comics. This is great because I am betting a lot of people are going to want to check out what Batman is up too after they see “Batman Begins”. There is also an “Allies Secret Files & Origins” slated to come out at the end of the month.

Also, seeing Mike Mignola draw Batman is pretty cool. It’s not his best work, but it’s still awesome. If this looks familiar it is safe to say that Jae Lee aped him in a way on his Gotham Knights covers.

The Bad –

Even though there is a lot of content, the $4.99 price tag is a little steep. The quality of the paper isn’t that high to justify this price. I would have been happier with $3.99 or $4.50.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy it if you’re unfamiliar with what’s going on in Batman. Otherwise I have to say to just flip through it. Mignola’s art is great, but it’s hardly worth $4.99 especially when it’s not his best.

Detective Comics #807

“City of Crime Part 7: Crown Point”
Penciller: Ramon Bachs
Inker: Nathan Massengill
Writer& Layouts: David Lapham
Colorist: Jason Wright
Letterer: Jared K. Fletcher
Assistant Editor: Nachie Castro
Editor: Bob Schreck

Batman created by Bob Kane.

“Regnum Defende Part II
an Alfred Pennyworth Tale”
Artist: Jeff Parker
Writer: Scott Beatty
Letterer: Jared K. Fletcher
Editor: Michael Wright

Summary – Experience Crown Point, the worst place to live in the Bowery area of Gotham City. Needless to say it makes the East End look tame. The Alfred Pennyworth tale which highlights his time in British Intelligence concludes.


The Good –

City of Crime continues to move along at a slow pace, but it’s pretty insightful. If nothing else, we get to experience a part of Gotham City we don’t normally get to see. Bach’s artwork is very fitting for this area. It’s very chiseled and gritty which fits the Bowery very well.

The Bad –

I didn’t like the ending to Ragnum Defende, it was pretty rushed. You could tell the whole point of doing the strip was to reveal that his last name isn’t really Pennyworth, but Beagle. Also it was pretty much a requirement to have him show up on the Wayne’s doorstep for his first day. Not bad, but I think it would have been better as a three issue mini, instead of a two part backup strip.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Borrow It

Superman/Batman #20

Penciller: Ed McGuinness
Inker: Dexter Vines
Writer: Jeph Loeb
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Letterer: Richard Starkings
Associate Editor: Tom Palmer Jr.
Editor: Eddie Berganza

Summary – The fantastic art team of Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines return to Superman/Batman for an all new storyline. It’s Superman and Batman taking on the Maximums, the strongest super-hero team from an alternate reality. This issue lays the ground work for the conflict.


The Good –

My oh my are these guys good. McGuinness and Vines are easily one of my favorite art teams. I enjoyed their work on Superman/Batman: Enemies of the State, JLA: Classified and DC Comics Presents: the Flash a great deal and this issue they are in prime form.

Loeb usually delivers a great story every issue and this is no exception. He introduces us to the Maximums, a team of Avengers/Ultimates analogues who Batman and Superman are going to be fighting. This is all over Brian Bendis killing off a Lois Lane analogue over in “The Pulse”. It should be cool to see how this feud plays out.

The Bad –

Not a whole lot of closure for this issue. The one thing I liked about DC books is that they aren’t written for TPB. I have come to learn though that Superman/Batman is the exception for this rule though. So I guess I might as well just expect it every month.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It


Got a new computer up and running so I should have the reviews for June 08th up in a few days.


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