Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bin Diving - Eighty Page Giant Batman #3

Batman Eighty Page Giant #3
July 2000

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artists –
Chapter One: A Month of Sundays – Joe Staton
Chapter Two: Harsh Monday – Manuel Gutierrez and Bud Larosa
Chapter Three: The Terrible Tuesdays – Mike Deadato and David Roach
Chapter Four: Wednesday’s Stepchild – Graham Nolan and Mark Pennington
Chapter Five: Bloodthirsty Thursday – Louis Small Jr. and Caesar
Chapter Six: God Forbid, It’s Friday! – Dale Eaglesham and John Floyd
Chapter Seven: Shatterday – Bill Sinkiewicz

Lettering by John Costanza

Chapters 1-5 colored by Glenn Whitmore
Chapter 6 colored by John Kalisz
Chapter 7 colored by Sherilyn Van Valkenburg

Cover by Dale Eaglesham and John Floyd with color by Patrick Martin

Edited by Dennis O’Neil with Joseph Illidge

Batman created by Bob Kane

Original Cover Price: $5.95
Purchased for: 50 cents

Background – I’m not sure what the story on this special is. Perhaps it was due to the success of “the Long Halloween” and “Dark Victory” which featured Julian Day. Needless to say he has been a pretty underused villain over the years, mostly because he was in jail for a long period of time. Well, longer than most of the Batman rogues anyway. He’s known as the Calendar Man and he commits crimes based on dates and is just really obsessed with calendars.

His biggest plan involves filling up the Millennium Cube with explosives and when it drops on New Years Eve 1999, a huge explosion would occur and thousands of victims would be killed, including Batman and Robin if he was lucky.

Unfortunately he was in prison at the time, so he wasn’t able to fulfill this dream. He’s a creative thinker though and he might just find a way to pull it off yet. That’s what this story is about.

Review –

An all-star team of artists and colorists bring the story to life. This goes from Silver Age hijinks to Dark Age violence in 80 pages. I think this is a nice contrast between the different ages. It’s also cool that we get to see Batman working with both Robin’s (Dick and Tim) within their specified eras.

It’s your average Dixon tale, you get a lot of bang for your buck and the art team that they compiled for it is tough to beat. If you are a fan of Dixon and a few of these artists be sure to keep an eye out for it.

Rating – Well worth the 50 cents I spent, but not really worth your $6. Try to find it in a bin like I did.


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