Friday, July 01, 2005

Darwyn Cooke - Solo #5 Review

Solo #5

Artist: Darwyn Cooke
Writer: Darwyn Cooke
Colorist: Darwyn Cooke
Letterer: Darwyn Cooke
Assistant Editor: Michael Siglain
Editor: Mark Chiarello

Summary – Master storyteller Darwyn Cooke has something for everybody in his contribution to the “Solo” anthology series.

Slammin Slam Bradley

Take a walk with Slam Bradley in a timeless tale that takes place in a bar called the 24-7, at the corner of Nexus and Continuity. Populated by the original Aquaman, Scarface, Black Canary and many others.

World’s Window

This is a delightful story from Darwyn Cooke’s childhood where he is first introduced to painting by a family friend.

King of America

A tale of the espionage agent, King Faraday taking place in pre-Castro Cuba in 1956. A nice little spy noir tale with great looking women and a few twists and turns.

Funny Pages

A pretty diverse representation of Cooke’s creative talent. There are two portraits of the Black Canary and Zatanna. As well as a fun maze that you can try to get through. There’s also a few short strips which range from comedy to a look at the history of comics in America. Which is one of my personal favorites.

Solo Dreamgirl Pinup

A nice pinup of Selina Kyle admiring her nights work.

Everyday Madness

A strange tale about a man and his love for his vacuum cleaner.

The Question

A look at the Question and the Middle East. A very cool looking short. Cooke adopts a different style here, maybe to fit in more with the characters recent incarnation in the mini series.

Déjà vu

A Batman story inspired by the seventies classic, “Night of the Stalker” by Steve Englehart, Vin & Sal Amendola & Dick Giordano. Cooke also gives special thanks to Bruce Timm. For those who aren’t aware of the connection, Cooke worked with Bruce Timm on different Batman Animated projects.

This story begins with Batman witnessing a murder that is almost exactly like the one of his parents. A couple is killed in front of their young son and Batman is going to make the trigger men pay.

This is a really great book, well worth the $5.99 cover price. You get to see one of the best artists in the business show off his creative talent in many ways.

Highly recommended reading for all comic fans.


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