Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Review - All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder #1

All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder #1

Penciller: Jim Lee
Inker: Scott Williams
Writer: Frank Miller
Colorist: Alex Sinclair
Letterer: Jared K. Fletcher
Assistant Editor: Brandon Montclare
Editor: Bob Schreck
Cover Logo Design: Chip Kidd

Batman created by Bob Kane.

Summary - Frank Miller and Jim Lee bring us a much hyped remaining of the classic characters, Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder.


The Good -

Jim Lee really brings his multiple talents to this book as an artist. You want some awesome storytelling scenes? He can do that. Want some great action sequences? He’s one of the best. Cheesecake? Well, this is the man who founded the Wildstorm Universe, so it’s no surprise he can do that too and even tastefully. One of the best looking issues of a comic I’ve ever seen from an artistic standpoint.

While Miller isn’t at his best on this issue, I have to admit that I love how he writes Batman. Batman himself has only a few lines in this issue and they are definitely coming from the Batman that Miller made us all love in Year One and DKR.

I am also glad to see that he is keeping up with the corrupt police force theme of early Batman books. He said that this is unofficially like Year 2 or Year 3, so it makes sense, after all as seen in Gotham Central #32, the GCPD is far from clean even now.

I also like the logo designed by Batman the Animated Series artist, Chip Kidd. It has a simple, but pulp like feel to it.

As a fan of Dick Grayson, I was glad to see that you got into his head this issue. It was also cool to see him save himself from a fall with a move he'll be getting a lot of use out of throughout his life. Vicky Vale is also a character that this story is told through. Dick starts us off, then Vicky takes over, with Bruce finishing it for us.

Did I mention Vicky Vale has never looked better?

The Bad -

Is there an echo in this book?

“They always catch me”

“I’m going on a date with Bruce Wayne. How cool is that?!”

If you read it you know what I’m talking about.

I know this is basically a free of continuity book, but I don’t really see the reason for changing the way the Grayson’s were killed. They originally either had their lines cut or someone put acid on them, which caused them to plummet to their deaths. In this version of the story they are both on the ground with Dick taking a bow, when someone shoots them both right between the eyes. They bleed out on the circus floor right in Dick’s eyes. While this makes the circumstances of both Bruce and Dick’s parents deaths more a like, it takes away from the uniqueness of each.

The same can be said for Batman having his eye on Dick all these years. One of the cool things about them ending up together was because fate brought them together. Now it just so happens that on one of Bruce’s scouting missions, Dick’s parents were killed and he had to bring him into the “war” early.

This is one book that had a lot of hype behind it to say the very least. Hell before it was even announced that Frank Miller was the writer it was red hot. Once he came on board it was sizzling. I think that all things considered you would have to be very hard to please if you don’t get a little bit of enjoyment out of this book.

The Money Shot -

Recommendation: Buy It


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