Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Preview - All-Star Superman #1

Straight from the pages of Wizard magazine, I present Grant Morisson and Frank Quitely’s All-Star Superman. This amazing piece of graphic fiction is scheduled to hit stores on November 16th.

Judging from these pages it is safe to say that Morisson and Quitely are telling a timeless tale that will take Superman back to his original science fiction roots. It also looks like the mad scientist Lex Luthor is back in a more pure form of his megalomania.

Earlier this year Jim Lee and Brian Azarello breathed new life into the Superman franchise. And lately Gail Simone and John Byrne have been kicking ass on Action Comics. Now is the perfect time for this book and I encourage everyone to pick up the first issue.

November 16th can't get here soon enough.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Jim Lee Returns To Image..Kinda

Jim Lee will lend his mighty pencil to the company he helped found in October and November.

In October he pencils the cover to Spawn #150. The magnificent Danny Miki inks it and the extremely talented Brian Haberlin throws down the colors.

In November he pencils the cover to Hunter-Killer #5. Right now only his pencils are available for viewing, but expect a completed cover to appear in the next few months.

Between his cover work on Infinite Crisis and his interiors on All-Star Batman & Robin it’s great that he found the time to do this.

Preview - All-Star Batman & Robin #2

Recently a page has surfaced on the net from All-Star Batman & Robin #2 penciled my Jim Lee and inked by Scott Williams. Rumor has it the coloring is only temporarily though so don't worry about that.

I have to say I really like this page; Batman appears to be having a bit of fun. This is a nice contrast to the miserable jerk that inhabits the current DC Universe.

Some have pointed out that he is basically kidnapping the young Dick Grayson, but we’ll have to see how this all plays out.

If you are up for more All-Star images check out this weeks issue of Wizard. Eight pages from Frank Quitely and Grant Morisson's All-Star Superman are in it.

Jeph Loeb & Joe Madureira on Ultimates 3

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few days, you have probably heard that the creative team for Ultimates v3 will be Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira.

For more the details see the Newsarama article.

Also, Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch share their thoughts on the announcement at Newsarama here.

A few months ago House of M #3 failed to crack the Internet in half, but it seems that this announcement has done just that.

On one side of the coin there are those that feel that this decision is too big of a departure from the current look and feel of the title. They believe it to be a mistake and want a creative team that better suits the tradition of the Ultimates.

On the other side of the coin are those that feel a new look would be good for the title. After all, why would the new team try to imitate Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch’s take on team? Imitation is generally the sincerest form of flattery, but it doesn’t usually make for good comics. As you may guess this is the camp that I fall in.

I love what Millar and Hitch have done on the Ultimates, but having a creative team come in that has a similar writing and artistic style would have been a bad idea. Plus, let’s face it this is some pretty shocking stuff.

Millar and Hitch always said that they would be done with the Ultimates after Volume 2, so naturally everyone started guessing on the new creative team almost immediately. I heard names dropped ranging from Frank Quitely and Grant Morisson to Brian Bendis and David Finch on various message boards. While those people are all talented, the initial shock of this announcement just can’t be beat

The next thing to address is how this will sell. I for one think that All-Star Batman & Robin #1 showed the limit of the Direct Market, but Ultimates 3 has a shot at getting over 300,000 if they ship it with a variant cover.

I think they will completely kill that month if they ship #1 with a Joe Madureira cover and another with a Michael Turner variant. The ratios should be 50/50 of course, but if they want to put out a retailer incentive cover (like they did with Wolverine #21) by Madureira that can only help the book further.

This is going to get enough hype as it is with Jeph Loeb’s return to Marvel and Joe Madureira’s return to comics they have a bona-fide cash cow on their hands before the issue even sees print.

No artwork is available yet of Madureira’s Ultimates, but over on his HeroRealm board, Rob Liefeld says that his Captain America looks great.

It is also cool that history is repeating itself in a way. Mark Millar partially got the Ultimates gig after writing a team of Avengers analogues in the Authority. Jeph Loeb is currently writing a team of Avengers analogues in Superman/Batman.

Needless to say this is very good news and I for one will be rooting for this book to top the charts come its release.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Comic Reviews - August 24, 2005 Part II


Day of Vengeance #5

Penciller: Justiniano
Inker: Walden Wong
Writer: Bill Willingham
Colorist: Chris Chuckay
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Associate Editor: Michael Wright
Editor: Joey Cavalieri

Summary – The Shadowpact prepares for Round 2 with the Spectre and Eclipso. They have an ace in the hole this time in the form of Black Alice and she’s sure to make this an interesting battle.


The Good –

Justiniano, Wong and Chuckay are quickly becoming one of the finest art teams in comics. If it’s in the cards, I would love for them and Willingham to continue to work together on a Shadowpact monthly series.

This issue was great; I loved how they are using Black Alice. For those who aren’t sure who she is, see Birds of Prey #76. It’s a stand alone issue featuring the introduction of the character.

She is the Shadowpact’s secret weapon in the fight against the Spectre and Eclipso. I won’t spoil what her power is, but it might be one that does more harm than good. We’ll all have to wait and see.

The Bad –

As good as this book is it really should be getting more attention. It’s in my opinion the best Countdown mini along with Villains United, and this is the worst selling Countdown mini. I hope the good buzz on this cause some nice reorder action and of course, the trade should sell well.

I want to continue reading about these guys, so hopefully the entire creative team can fit it into their schedules.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

JSA Classified #2

Penciller: Amanda Conner
Inker: Jimmy Palmiotti
Writer: Geoff Johns
Colorist: Paul Mounts
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Assistant Editor: Harvey Richards
Editor: Stephen Wacker

Summary – Power Girl’s mysterious origin begins to unfold before our very eyes…or does it?


The Good –

Let’s just say fans of Crisis on Infinite Earths will be very happy to see a certain character this issue.

Besides that surprise you have a great looking story by Conner, Palmiotti and Mounts to look at. Conner really flexes her muscle drawing not only Powergirl, but Mr. Terrific, Jay Garrick, Director Bones, Superman, Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes. All of them look really good and I hope that we have more DC work to look forward to from this team in the future. I would be particularly interested in them doing a JLA Classified arc or maybe a stand alone issue of Birds of Prey.

Then there’s Geoff Johns, it’s safe to say that he’s pretty good at this writing gig. I love his rhythm for this storyline. It seems like each issue is going to show us one of the possibilities of Powergirl’s origin, then by issues end renounce it. However, the evidence is presented in such a convincing manner you won’t be sure if it’s true or not until the end.

He also gets some big ups for a convincing explanation on the whole in Powergirl’s suit.

It’s also just plain cool to see Powergirl take on the entire Legion of Super-Heroes by herself.

This is recommended and essential Infinite Crisis lead-in material. I would say even more so than the Countdown mini’s.

The Bad –

The waiting is killing me on this. I was hoping we might have had a few hints at her true origin by now, but it looks like we’re going to have to wait until #4 to find out.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

Legion of Super-Heroes #9

Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Inker: Art Thibert
Plot: Mark Waid & Barry Kitson
Dialogue: Mark Waid
Colorist: Sno Cone
Letterer: Nick J. Napolitano
Assistant Editor: Harvey Richards
Editor: Stephen Wacker

Summary – The Legion gets ready to take on Terra Firma for a second time, but can they succeed without Cosmic Boy who has quit the team?


The Good –

As shown on the cover, this was Wizard Magazine’s Book of the Month. After reading the issue, I can see why.

Easily the best issue so far of the series and that’s saying quite a bit. The way this is executed from top to bottom is just so well done.

Cosmic Boy becomes the focus of this issue as he decides to leave the Legion and go back to his home planet before it shuts its borders down. While at the station he sees all the Legionaries who used to stand outside Legion HQ leaving too. Some motivational speeches start on his behalf. He clearly is someone that doesn’t know his place quite yet, but by the end of the issue he will.

The extra pages they put into this book are put to good use too. We get some extra story pages, plus an illustrated letter column that is entertaining in itself.

The Bad –

This is another book that should be doing a lot better than it is sales wise. I’m not sure if the Legion of Super-Heroes is too retro of a concept or what. I guess the large cast of characters could also play a part in it as well.

I encourage everyone to pick up #9 though and try this book out. Or better yet, wait until next month and buy #9 and #10 at the same time.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

Teen Titans #27

Artist: Rob Liefeld
Writer: Gail Simone
Colorist: Matt Yackey
Letterer: Comicraft
Assistant Editor: Jeanine Schaefer
Editor: Joan Hilty

Summary – The Teen Titans team up with Hawk and Dove to take on Kestrel and his group of teen heroes gone bad.


The Good –

Rob Liefeld and Gail Simone on Teen Titans, in my mind there was no way this could fail…it didn’t.

First off, this is probably going to be the most favorable review you’ll find on the net for this issue, but I’m going with what I know and feel, so deal with it.

I’ve been a Liefeld fan since I bought Youngblood #1 back in the 90’s and I have continued my allegiance to this very day. He’s a guy that has so much energy in his life and work that I wonder why people go so far out of there way to bash him.

His work in this very issue is something different from him. Just by his posting on the net you can tell he is a huge fan of Bryan Hitch and in a way I think he is dabbing into some photorealism territory in this issue. The buildings and various skyline’s look to be filtered stock images of city’s and to be honest they bring a new look to his work.

I also liked the way he bulked up Robin and Kid Flash. I could never understand how a kid like Robin with no powers to speak of, could take out so many villains weighting 140 pounds soaking wet.

His Cyborg is what we are used to from him in the organic-metal department ala Cable and Sentinel. I also like his renditions of Wonder Girl and Raven. He toned down his original interpretation of Wonder Girl’s assets a bit, and I think it really improved the look of her.

The story Gail Simone is telling seems like it is right out of the 90’s, but in a good way. It reminds me a lot of the Spider-Man and X-Force crossover which Liefeld and McFarlane illustrated back in the 90’s. I’m not sure why, but I just got that vibe from reading this issue.

Her dialogue and everything is spot on as usual. From the credits it also looks like her two editors came along for the ride.

Hawk, Dove and Kestrel really haven’t really broken out yet in the book, but I look for them to have much bigger roles next issue. Kestrel had some nice scenes, but Hawk and Dove need to do some more. Although it was fun to see Dawn getting hit on by Cyborg a bit (although he just told her there was a seat available next to him). Should be interesting to see where that goes.

The Bad –

I can't stand these Lego comics that DC tends to put in the middle of some of their best titles. At first it was Heroscape, but now it’s these damn Bionicle’s. They totally ruin the flow of the comic and I hope they discontinue this practice in the future.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Comic Reviews - August 24, 2005 Part I

Dark Horse

Conan #19

Artist: Cary Nord
Color Artist: Dave Stewart
Script: Kurt Busiek
Letterer: Richard Starkings and Comicraft
Assistant Editors: Matt Dryer and Dave Marshall
Editor: Scott Allie

Based on the work of Conan creator Robert E. Howard

Summary - Conan continues his pillaging in the City of Thieves, but one treasure he steals will soon bring him more trouble than it’s worth.


The Good –

This continues the storyline from #17 (#18 was an issue with two guest artists telling stand alone stories), which follows Conan’s adventures in the City of Thieves.

The city is brought to life this issue with stunning artwork by Cary Nord and Dave Stewart. Kurt Busiek breathes life into the people, from the nutty wizards and shamans to the street performers inhabiting the city at night.

This was a nice issue mixed with both thievery as well as supernatural events. Also, if you like tales featuring scantily clad women, look no further. There are plenty of gorgeous women in this issue, two of whom are trying to manipulate our hero.

Another thing I like about this issue is that it can be read as a stand alone story. A lot of comics are written for trade these days in huge arcs, but this isn’t entirely the case with Conan. There are larger arcs happening, but they aren’t right there in your face being forced upon you. So if any new readers out there want to start checking this out, now is the time. This is a lead-in for one of the greatest Conan stories ever told, the Tower of the Elephant.

The Bad –

I was kind of disappointed that Conan did not fight the monster that appeared in this issue. I always enjoy seeing the guy go nuts and swinging around his sword. Still, something tells me this won’t be the last we see of The Thing In The Temple.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It


Daredevil #76

Artist: Alex Maleev
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: VC’s Corey Petit
Assistant Editor: Cory Sedlmeier
Editor: Axel Alonso

Summary – The Murdock Papers begins here! Alex Maleev and Brian Michael Bendis start their final Daredevil storyline by bringing back the Kingpin. Which can only mean trouble for the ever so popular Matt Murdock.


The Good –


Maleev and Stewart are in top form on art duties this issue. While Bendis writes some great dialogue for all the characters involved.

The Kingpin and Ben Urich’s chat within the Federal Prison where he is being held is executed incredibly well. I loved how the prison went under attack about halfway through and the Kingpin just said people try to get to him all the time. I also loved the flashback scene from Miller’s run on Daredevil when Elektra stuck Ben with her sai.

The scene where Matt stops the armed thugs was also very cool. I love seeing Daredevil in action throwing his billy club around or just plain beating the snot out of criminals. The applause for him was great and truth be told is probably what would happen in real life given these circumstances.

After this issue I believe that I am going to have to track down the first Pulse TPB..

The Bad –

I’m not sure why Brian Bendis is on the cover, when he makes only a small cameo in the book. ;)

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

Daredevil Vs. Punisher #3

Penciller: David Lapham
Inker: David Lapham
Writer: David Lapham
Colorist: Edward Delgado
Letterer: VC’s Chris Eliopoulos
Editor: Warren Simons

Summary – Daredevil and the Punisher’s paths cross once again, as they each try to bring their own unique sense of justice to Hammerhead’s organization. In this issue they both tangle with the psychopathic mutant, Bushwacker.


The Good –

Lapham is quickly becoming the man to go to when it comes to urban heroes. I love his take both artistically as well as his narrative on the Punisher and Daredevil. He and Darwyn Cooke are easily my favorite writer-artist combo at the moment.

In this issue he also turned the C-List villain, Bushwacker into a decent thread for the heroes. While true, he is still a loser, he gave them both a real run for their money.

The scene with the young kid and the gun is building up to something too. I’m not sure what, but it can’t be good news for Frank Castle.

The Bad –

I love the title, but this six issue format makes for some pretty good cliff hangers. I’m wondering if this would have been better served as an OGN.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

Wolverine #31

Penciller: John Romita Jr.
Inker: Klaus Janson
Writer: Mark Millar
Colorist: Paul Mounts
Letterer: VC’s Randy Gentile
Editor: Jennifer Lee

Summary – Agent of SHIELD comes to a blood (or is that mud?) splattering conclusion! It’s Wolverine Vs the Gorgon Round 3, only one will walk away from this one.


The Good –

Millar, Romita and Janson end their critically acclaimed run with one hell of splatterfest this issue. Wolverine and the Gorgon just tear each other apart. Each giving it as good as they receive it. They just cut each other up in one of the best fights I’ve ever seen in a comic.

This is the ultimate revenge tale and for the most part I think its safe to say that Logan succeeds in what he set out to do. However, since the Hand and HYDRA are Marvel U mainstays it is obvious there are still some out there.

The last few pages were an interesting contrast to the huge blood bath that made up the first part of the issue or the entire series for that matter.

Everyone involved with this title over the past year needs to take a bow, they deserve it.

The Bad –

The way Wolverine beats the Gorgon is pretty predictable, but it doesn’t take away from the flow of the story too much. That last hit he gets in is dramatic enough on its own accord.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

Creators Weigh in on Light Tracing and Photo Realism in Comics

Klaus Janson gives his opinion @ -

Neal Adams passes his thoughts on through a Millarworld poster -

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Review - Nitrogen #1

Arcade Comics

Nitrogen #1

Artist: Jon Malin
Plot: Rob Liefeld
Script: Brandon Thomas
Colorist: Dash Martin
Letterer: Marat Mychaels
Publisher: Jimmy S. Jay

Summary – Former teen sidekicks and heroes divert from the path intended for them and take on their predecessors in an action comic fans dream.


The Good –

Rob Liefeld continues his comeback creating and plotting an all new teen superhero team. A big Authority fan in his own right, he is applying that concept towards teenage superheroes in his own universe. In a way he's coming full circle, since without Youngblood #1 over 10 years ago we might have never seen books like the Authority, Ultimates, etc. With him on the endeavor is his friend and long time calibrator Marat Mychaels on lettering duties.

The core creative team is made up of a triad of truly “youngblood” in the industry. It’s quite possible you will be looking back at this title ten years from now and you’ll see this is where some of the top talent in the industry got its start.

Jon Malin is the penciller, inker and character designer on the book. For those who remember my interview with him a few months back, he really goes for 90’s energy with a manga look. Having read the entire first issue, I can say that his mission has been successfully accomplished in both departments. His action scenes are some of the freshest I’ve seen and his character designs could probably make the Top Cow artists do a double take.

Brandon Thomas provides the script for the issue, setting the tone of the title in terms of language, character development, beats etc.. He’s known for his work on Youngblood Genesis, Spider-Man Unlimited and Marvel Age: Fantastic Four. You can also read his column on Comic Book Resources entitled Ambidextrous. As with Youngblood Genesis he did a great job this issue breathing the life back into this universe of characters.

Dash Martin is quite a talented guy capable of penciling, inking and coloring, the latter which he graces this title with. I love the palette he chose for the issue. It’s not too colorful, but yet not that dark either. Which fits this book perfectly. If you read Image books chances are you have seen Dash's various pinup works in the back of such comics as Invincible.

The story itself is one that is for both old fans of the Extreme Universe as well as new readers. Old fans will find a lot of Easter Eggs in this title, such as the presumed identities of the main characters and the slew of guest stars.

Newer readers will be happy to know that all of the bonus stuff will not impact your enjoyment of the story what so ever. This is a straight up balls to the wall action comic and it starts on page one and just doesn’t stop.

This will be available in comic shops across the country this fall and I highly recommend it to all those who want to try something new or want a serious taste of action.

The Bad –

Those looking for something along the lines of Seven Soldiers won’t find it here. This isn’t a cerebral title. Which probably won’t be any loss since the target audience for this book might not be too keen on talking heads comics anyway.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

Recommended For Fans Of: The Authority, Hunter-Killer, Teen Titans and the Extreme/Awesome/Maximum Universe.

Easter Eggs:

Read this if you want the down-low on old Extreme/Maximum/Awesome characters appearing in this title.


Main Characters -

Superion - Formerly known as Kid Supreme who appeared in Supreme from Extreme Studios as well as his own mini series from Extreme and Maximum Press. He spent some time in the Supremacy, but left soon after. No one is sure what he's been up to since then.

Gauntlet - Possibly the teenage hero Geof from KABOOM published by Awesome Entertainment.

Game - Possibly the teenage heroine Kyra from KABOOM published by Awesome Entertainment.

S2 - Spice 2.0 an upgrade or newer model of Spice from Fighting American published by Awesome Entertainment.

Zang - Possibly the old sage master from KABOOM published by Awesome Entertainment.

Guest Stars -

Waxy Doyle - Former Silver Age hero, the financial backer for Youngblood after the government disbanded it. Appeared in Judgment Day and Alan Moore’s Youngblood for Awesome Entertainment.

Lady Supreme - Probe, the daughter of Supreme and Glory. Was in the Supreme title from Extreme Studios as well as her own mini series from Extreme and Maximum Press. She was believed to be living in the Supremacy, but clearly that isn’t the case anymore.

Coral - Female cousin of Roman, the King of Neuport Appeared in Brigade from Extreme Studios.

League of Infinity - Led by Future Girl, the League of Infinity is made up of the greatest heroes throughout time. This is the first time we have seen them show up with this many people though. Supreme is also a member, they first appeared in Supreme from Awesome Entertainment.

Detective Strong - Not sure who this guy is, but chances are he's a superhuman of some sort.

Places of Interest -

Neuport - A legendary underwater kingdom. A very magical place to say the least, they also aren’t short on technology it seems. Played a role in the Brigade series from Extreme Studios.

The Cycle - This is the KABOOM Cycle. Something that played a huge part in the KABOOM series from Awesome Comics. It’s a very powerful force that can also be entered. Geof spent some time in here and aged considerably.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Comic Reviews - August 17, 2005


Godland #2

Artist: Tom Scioli
Writer: Joe Casey
Colorist: Bill Crabtree
Letterer: Richard Starkings & Comicraft

Summary – The creative team behind Godland.continues to apply Golden Age concepts to the modern era of super heroes. In this issue Adam attempts to rescue the alien creature from the drug loving Basil Cronus.


The Good –

They don’t make comic like this anymore, this is a rare and fulfilling treat for comic fans everywhere. Tom Scioli is probably best known for his work on the Freedom Force comic flexes his artist muscle once again bringing Godland to life.

Fans of Alan Moore’s 1963, Jack Kirby’s Secret City Saga and the like will find this to be right up their alley. It is a combination of different super hero concepts ranging from Captain Marvel to the Fantastic Four and is executed brilliantly.

Casey does a great job balancing the Golden Age feel of the book with more modern dialogue by some characters. While this book may feel and look like it takes place in the 1940’s, a line about E!’s True Hollywood Stories tells us it takes place in modern times.

This is the first comic I’ve read by Casey that I know of and I have to admit that he knows how to tell a story. I may have to give his other book, the Intimates from Wildstorm a look when I get some spare change.

The Bad –

While this book’s uniqueness is something that sets it apart from the field, it might just be too different for some people. “Does it take place in the 1940’s or now?” is a question that many fans will ask.

The other thing is that this seems like it is being written for the eventual TPB. While that’s nothing new for comics these days.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It


Authority Revolution #11

Penciller: Dustin Nguyen
Inker: Richard Friend
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Colorist: Wildstorm FX
Letterer: Jared K. Fletcher
Assistant Editor: Kristy Quinn
Editor:: Ben Abernathy

The Authority created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch

Summary – The Midnighter Vs The Authority!


The Good –

This is the best issue of Revolution hands down without a doubt. It’s pretty much non-stop action with nicely timed beats that reveal just how exactly Bendix planned this whole thing out.

Midnighter does his best Batman impression by systematically taking out his team mates one by one making the most out of their weaknesses (which are pretty limited given the pantheon that makes up the team). While at the same time Bendix taunts in his best super villain persona giving them the lowdown on how he was able to pull their defeat off.

In took them a good while to get to this point, but it’s safe to say that the creative team have captured what the Authority is all about in this issue.

The Bad –

Again, it kind of took them a while to hook into what makes the Authority the team/book it is. I would have preferred to be reading issue like this starting with #1 instead of #11, but what can you do?

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy it


Batgirl #67

Penciller: Ale Garza
Inker: Jesse Delperdang
Writer: Andersen Gabrych
Colorist: Wildstorm FX
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Editor: Michael Wright

Batman created by Bob Kane

Summary – Cassandra’s search for Lady Shiva brings her to Ben Turner, the Bronze Tiger. Also guest starring the Birds of Prey.


The Good –

Ale Garza’s back as the Penciller for this issue and it looks great. Pop Mahn’s good too, but I have to be honest in saying that Garza’s artwork is my favorite. I like how he draws women as well as his action scenes.

Gabrych is really turning Cassandra’s quest into a tour de force of the DCU Puglistic world. In this issue she meets Bronze Tiger, who is teaching karate to intercity kids in Detroit after recovering from his injuries in the Richard Dragon series. The Birds of Prey also show up as Cass gets her affairs in order with both Barbara and Dinah before going into the Lions Den of the League of Assassins.

The Bad –

Nothing bad to say about this issue at all.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

Birds of Prey #85

Pencillers: Joe Bennett and Eddy Barrows
Inkers: Jack Dadson and Robin Riggs
Writer: Gail Simone
Colorist: Hi-Fi Design
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Assistant Editor: Rachel Gluckstern
Editor: Joan Hilty

Summary – The Black Canary and Huntress square off against the Silk Brothers with the help of Richard Dragon, Wildcat, Connor Hawke, Savant and Creote. While Barbara Gordon fights for her life on the operating table. Superman and Doctor Midnite also make appearances as does Batman from a distance.


The Good –

One of the most shocking moments in DC comics all year happens in this issue! Pick this up, because once the word get out about it, this title will fly off the shelves.

I loved everything about this issue. From the huge fight scene to the drama of Barbara Gordon’s surgery, it was just an absolute blast.
The Bad –

I would have liked to have seen Bennett and Jadson do the entire issue, but the guest team did a good job on their respective pages. The last one was kind of surreal, but I guess it fitted the mood.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

Green Lantern #3

Penciller: Carlos Pacheco
Inker: Jesus Merino
Writer: Geoff Johns
Colorist: Moose Baumann
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Associate Editor: Michael Siglain
Editor: Peter Tomasi

Summary – Hal clashes with the latest Manhunter android and discovers a startling secret to the source of it’s power. A Power Battery for a head!


The Good –

Pacheco is one of the best storytellers in comics right now and it’s just awesome that he’s on Green Lantern. The fight scenes were very well done in this issue as well as the tempo of the issue overall.

Johns is really the man this issue. The way Hal used the Power Battery in the Manhunter was pretty clever. While this series is taking it’s time to get going, it kind of has to. Hal Jordan is a new character for many people and Johns needs to setup the world where he will be living.

The Bad –

I hear the Manhunter continuity doesn’t quite match up to what was explained in Man hunter #13, but that’s a minor setback.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Comic Reviews - August 10, 2005

Breach #9

Penciller: Marcos Martin
Inker: Alvaro Lopez
Writer: Bob Harras
Colorist: Javier Rodriguez Studio
Letterer: Clem Robins
Associate Editor: Nachie Castro
Editor: Matt Idelson

Breach created by Bob Harras and Marcos Martin

Summary – Breach Vs Superman Round 2!


The Good –

This was a real slugfest. Breach takes on the mutant from last issue and after he disposes of him he moves onto Superman himself.

I love the way Breach handles Superman, calling him Groovy Guy in a joking kind of way. He means no disrespect, he has just been in a coma for decades and super heroes didn’t walk the Earth in his day.

The artwork by Marcos Martin and Alvaro Lopez as well as the work by Javier Rodriguez Studio deserves to be mentioned as well. They really make this book look fantastic.

Bob Harras and Martin have created a very interesting character, but despite the pretty substantial marketing push at the start of this title, sales aren’t good enough to sustain it.

The Bad –

One of the best super hero comics on the stands today and it’s slated to get cancelled at #11. It’s a real shame because this is a very unique series with a fresh take on the super genre. I would recommend everyone to enjoy this while it lasts.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

Fables #40

Penciller: Mark Buckingham
Inker: Steve Lealoha
Writer/Creator: Bill Willingham
Colorist: Daniel Vozzo
Letterer: Todd Klein
Assistant Editor: Mariah Huehner
Editor: Shelly Bond

Summary – Boy Blue is held captive by the Adversary, who begins telling him how he rose to power.


The Good –

If you read this issue, the identity of the Adversary will be revealed in the first few pages. It’s a really good idea and the hints have been there for a while.

Buckingham and Lealoha do their usual awesome jobs in bringing Willingham’s script to life.

I really can’t say much about the story without giving anything away so I’ll just chill.

The Bad –

I am worried that since the Adversary has been revealed some people will stop buying this book since the big mystery is over.

If I know Willingham this is only just beginning, so I hope they don’t.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

Supergirl #1

Penciller: Ian Churchill
Inker: Norm Rapmund
Writer: Jeph Loeb
Assistant Editor:
Associate Editor:

Summary – Kara Zor-El hangs out with the JSA. Her and Stargirl get along great, but when Powergirl shows up it’s obvious that three is a crowd.


The Good –

I love the JSA and I was thrilled that they appeared in this title. Supergirl #1 was a big seller and I’m glad to see them get even more exposure.

Churchill and Rapmund did a great job this issue showcasing the JSA and of course Supergirl herself. The Solomon Grundy fight scene was a classic slugfest and I liked how Stargirl and Supergirl just sat there talking through it. It made for some good conversation while all hell was breaking loose below.

When Powergirl showed up is when this really started to kick in though. It is clear that both Supergirl and Powergirl have some issues in regards to the other and we haven’t seen the last of it.

There was also a nice maneuver with Stargirl powering up Supergirl with her Cosmic Staff, but for some reason this also powered up Powergirl. A pretty cool scene.

The Bad –

A lot of people will probably think that they handled Stargirl and Supergirl pretty stereotypically in this issue and in a way I can see where they are coming from. It didn’t take anything away from the storyline though in my opinion.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

Villains United #4

Penciller: Dale Eaglesham
Inker: Wade von Grawbadger
Writer: Gail Simone
Colorist: Sno-Cone
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Assistant Editor: Harvey Richards
Editor: Stephen Wacker

Summary – The Secret Six take the fight to the Society, but get more than they bargained for when they discover their most guarded secret.


The Good – It’s great to have Dale Eaglesham back on penciling duties. With the first issue of this mini he quickly became one of my favorite artists in comics today.

I love the way he executed the fight scenes in this issue with the Six taking on all those HIVE Agents. I especially loved how he choreographed the Catman and Deadshot combo at the start of the fight.

Gail Simone also keeps the twists coming and gives Firestorm readers a glimpse at what’s to come next month.

The real twist comes in the last few pages though as two members of the team apparently get too close for comfort.

The Bad –

I really can’t say anything bad about this book at the moment. This is in my opinion the best of the four Countdown mini’s and given the quality of each title, that’s really saying a lot.

The only thing that I expected and didn’t get was more detail in regards to Catman’s life between Archers Quest and Villains United. I supposed the pictures told the story better than any text ever could.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

Monday, August 08, 2005

Comic Reviews - August 03, 2005

Firestorm #16

Penciller: Jamal Igle
Inkers: Rob Stull & Keith Champagne
Writer: Stuart Moore
Colorist: Paul Mounts
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Assistant Editor: Harvey Richards
Editor: Stephen Wacker

Summary – Firestorm vs. the Pionic Man Round 2! But this time Jason has some help.


The Good –

If you are a fan of Teen Titans, Young Avengers, etc.. I think that you should give Firestorm a look. Since Stuart Moore has taken over the writing chores on #14 the book has gotten really good.

In a lot of ways it actually reminds me of the early Spider-Man storylines I've read by Stan Lee. It's just that kind of book.

The artwork by Jamal Igle, Rob Stull, Keith Champagne and Paul Mounts fits into all of this perfectly. You'll notice that this book just looks great.

The Bad –

Firestorm is one of those niche characters who just can't seem to become popular. At every turn DC tries to give him a push, but it seems like very little response is returned from the readers.

I have a good feeling about this book though, as well as the careers of the creative team in general.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

JSA #76

Penciller: David Lopez
Inker: Fernando Blanco
Writer: Geoff Johns
Colorist: John Kalisz
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Assistant Editor: Harvey Richards
Editor: Peter Tomasi

Summary – The Trial of Atom Smasher.


The Good –

This is quickly replacing JLA as the flagship title of the DC Universe. It's easily one of the best super hero comics on the stands
and perhaps the best team book out there with the exception of maybe the Ultimates.

The guest art team did an excellent job with the issue. I hope they come back some time in the future.

I was also glad to see that an OMAC guest appearance actually warranted something this issue by moving the plot along.

The Bad –

This is a title that is so heavily encased in DCU continuity and history the average reader would not be able to follow it. On top of that
this ties into three out of the four Countdown mini's. A treat for people buying all the books, but a nightmare for the casual reader.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

Justice League Unlimited #12

Penciller: Carlos Barberi
Inker: Walden Wong
Writer: Adam Beechen
Colorist: Heroic Age
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Cover Artist: Ben Caldwell
Editor: Tom Palmer Jr.

Summary – The Justice League is trapped and only the Flash can save them! That’s the original Flash, Jay Garrick!


The Good –

Barberi and Wong did a nice job with the interior artwork on this issue. I especially liked the animated version of Jay Garrick.

For timeless stories of Justice League characters, this is really the book to read. JLA Classified might be what DC is pushing for that sort of thing, but they forget that
they've had a book like it for a long time. The animated stuff is the DCu's "Ultimate" universe and the stories are of very high quality.

The Bad –

Many will write this book off as it is a John DC book aimed at younger readers.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It