Friday, September 16, 2005

Comic Reviews - September 07, 2005


Superman/SHAZAM: First Thunder

Artist; Joshua Middleton
Writer: Judd Winick
Letterer: Nick J. Napolitano
Associate Editor: Tom Palmer Jr.
Editor: Mike Carlin

Summary – The first meeting of the Golden Age supermen is chronicled in this mini. Rare European artifacts are stolen from museums across the country its up to Captain Marvel and Superman to unravel the conspiracy.


The Good –

Both the look and tone of this title are just spot on for the dynamic of Captain Marvel. Even this early version of Superman fits in thanks to the old Boy Scout stereotype. In fact a lot of the artwork kind of evokes the feel of the old Superman Animated Series from back in the day.

Middleton really does an excellent job drawing these guys. He did great on NYX which had more of an urban feel, but here he hits the Golden Age Super Hero out of the park.

Winicks’ characterization of Captain Marvel and Superman is a great contrast. As was mentioned on the JLU animated series, Superman is the Boy Scout until Captain Marvel shows up. Winick does a good job executing this as well as handling Dr. Sivana.

The Bad –

This book did exactly what it intended to do I think. It introduced Captain Marvel to new readers while (eventually) teaming him up with Superman. The price was a little steep, but I think there are some extra pages to make up for it. Otherwise I have no complaints about the issue.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It

Silent Devil

Runes of Ragnan #1

Penciller: Joshua Medors
Inker: Ryan Ottley
Writer: Ty Gorton
Colorist: JayFotos.Com
Letterer: Ty Gorton
Cover: Ben Templesmith
Back Cover: Bud Cook
RPG Material: Ed Bourelle & Brannon Hollingsworth

Summary – A sword and sorcery epic with Vikings, demons and plenty of action.


The Good –

This is one awesome looking book. I really like Norse Mythology as well as Viking stories in general and this is right up that alley. I also believe that people interested in fantasy in general will find this book appealing. Between this title and Dracula Vs King Arthur, Silent Devil is building a nice line of comics here.

Josh Medors and Ryan Ottley make one hell of an art team this issue. Most people are familiar with both of them for their penciling gig on indy titles. Ryan in fact inked this before he got the gig penciling Invincible for Image. This is just a really fun issue to read and look at. This issue includes lots of fights, violence as well as just cool panels in general.

Ty Gorton, evidently a fan of Spawn the Dark Age lets his passion for this genre flow through the book. I really think that this could be a sleeper hit of a series, the drive and ambition is definitely there.

The Bad –

This isn’t a super hero book and there aren’t really any all-star names attached, which means the sales won’t be through the roof….

So give this book a chance the next time you are in the shop and if you like it try to spread the word.

The Money Shot –

Recommendation: Buy It


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