Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Review - Kingdom Come

Mark Waid and Alex Ross with Todd Klein

Dedicated to Christopher Reeve

Summary – A tale set in a possible future of the DCU where the violent heroes of the 90’s reign supreme. These powerful, but reckless super humans do more harm than good. This leads Superman and the Justice League of America to step in. However, Lex Luthor also has an agenda as does Batman and his allies.

(Note: Back when this was originally published I believe that this was set in the present of that time, with the DCU characters aging along with normal time. Hence the violent heroes populating this book were part of the comic scene during the 90’s.)


Generally this is a huge commentary about the violent heroes of the 90’s by two of the biggest Silver Age fans on the planet, Alex Ross and Mark Waid. In the opening chapters they don’t pull any punches in pointing out the faults of the 90’s heroes. Then again in the closing chapters they don’t pull any pointing out the faults in the classic heroes. I hear that after they were done with this, Ross and Waid stated that they liked some of the 90’s heroes they created.

The person at the forefront of the 90’s squad is Magog. He is obviously a shot at Rob Liefeld’s Cable, but then again Cable really became the stereotypical 90’s superhero with a big gun after many clones.

Basically Magog inadvertently triggers a weapon of mass destruction to go off in Kansas wiping it out, which is the final straw for Superman who has been living in seclusion for many years.

What follows is a chain of events where sides are chosen and enemies even become allies.

My favorite scenes in this book deal with Bill Batson AKA Captain Marvel. There are some really nice beats regarding him and his past nemesis. The fight between him and Superman is also one for the ages.

Another thing I like about this is that the Superman in this book appeared throughout the first three arcs of Superman/Batman. He claimed he came from the future, so this is one of the many possible futures for the DCU. The Teen Titans from this story also appear in a few issues of Devin Grayson’s run of The Titans.

From what I hear the ending for this read very differently when it was originally published. The Epilogue was kind of a downer. However for this TPB they put in a “One Year Later” ending chapter that kind of brightened things up and at the same time bridging the gap between “Kingdom Come” and its sequel, “The Kingdom”. I haven’t read the Kingdom, but I’ll let you know what I think of it when I do.

Overall Kingdom Come is a great story at an affordable price. In a way I think that both fans of the Silver Age and the Dark Age will appreciate this comic.

Recommendation: Buy It


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